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Succession registration procedure is applicable to the heirs who inherited real estate property and wish to transfer the rights to the property to themselves. Registration of a Succession Order in the land registry is intended to regulate the property rights between the heirs of the deceased by order of a Succession Order that is issued by the Succession Registrar. This action is necessary, in order to prevent future problems between the heirs themselves om the issue of a property.

Registration of a property by order according to the Succession Order enshrined in Article 123 (b) (2) of the Real Estate Law, according to the details listed in the order, therefore there is no need to face the Land Registrar. Also, property registration can be carried out even when there is a caveat on the property, but it is important to use a lawyer, who will simplify the procedure and take care of the rights of heirs on the property. 

It is important to note that under Article 4 of the Income Tax Law, a succession of real estate right is not considered the real estate sale, and therefore the heirs are not subject to tax debts such as betterment tax or purchase tax. Therefore, it is possible to transfer the ownership of the apartment to the heirs without showing tax certificates. However, this is not a tax exemption on future transactions, such as selling the apartment by the heirs and therefore it is recommended to consult a lawyer for planning.

The registration process is done by submitting a request to the office of the relevant Land Registry subject to payment of a fee, while the application must be signed by one of the heirs, provided that the information will be verified by a lawyer. In addition, the application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • An original Succession Order from the court or from the Succession Registrar. 
  • An original and valid authorization concerning the lack of debts to local authority.
  • An original registration of succession application form signed by the heir and confirmed by lawyer.
  • Photocopy of IDs of all the heirs.
  • Payment voucher of the land registry fee.

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    In special cases, additional documentation will be required, such as adding a power of attorney duly authenticated, written consent of a third party, authenticated by an attorney, etc’.

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    Our experienced team of Israeli inheritance lawyers is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to clients navigating the intricacies of succession matters in Israel. Let us address some key questions regarding Israeli succession law:

    What is the intestate succession in Israel?

    Intestate succession refers to the distribution of assets when a person passes away without a valid will. In Israel, the intestate succession laws determine how the estate will be distributed among the deceased person’s heirs. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the complexities of intestate succession, ensuring a fair and proper distribution of assets according to Israeli laws.

    How do I claim a succession in Israel?

    To claim a succession in Israel, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced Israeli inheritance lawyer. At Rosenberg & Associates, we provide expert guidance throughout the succession claim process and establishing relation to the deceased. We handle all necessary documentation, represent your interests in court if required, and ensure compliance with Israeli succession laws.

    What are the laws of succession?

    The laws of succession in Israel encompass a variety of legal principles and regulations governing the distribution of assets and inheritance rights. These laws determine how the estate is divided, who the rightful heirs are, and what percentage of the estate each heir is entitled to. Our team of Israeli inheritance lawyers has in-depth knowledge of the laws of succession and can provide clear explanations and expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

    We understand the importance of effectively managing succession matters in accordance with Israeli succession law. Our goal is to provide personalized attention, expert guidance, and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our experienced team assist you in navigating the intricacies of Israeli succession law.

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