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Israeli Probate Lawyer

Rosenberg & Associates specialising in Israeli Probate law and procedure, Proabte applications, Israeli and international Wills, and contentious matters with international angle.

Established in Israel in 1975 with teams in Tel Aviv and London.

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We are a boutique firm that offers a one stop shop without the need to travel to Israel. The firm operates from its offices in London and Tel Aviv with permanent team on both sites.

We have extensive and successful work experience with non-Israelis and non-Hebrew speakers from around the globe. Our team includes Israeli lawyers, Israeli Notaries and a Solicitor of England and Wales.

Our fees are reasonable, proportionate and agreed on a case-by-case basis according to the circumstances of the matter and the financial position of the client.

Please contact our London office for English consultation by an Israeli Probate Lawyer:

When a loved one passes away in Israel, having an experienced Israeli probate lawyer guide you through the process is invaluable. An Israeli probate lawyer can make a very difficult time much easier for the family, saving time, money and stress dealing with overseas legal procedure. Here are some key reasons to seek an Israeli probate lawyer’s expertise:

  1. An Israeli probate lawyer is an expert in the required legal procedures and laws that govern inheritance in Israel. They know all the precise steps, filings, and deadlines involved in Israeli probate. With an Israeli probate lawyer handling every detail, costly mistakes and delays can be avoided.
  2. An Israeli probate lawyer can help structure the estate in the most tax-efficient manner under Israeli inheritance tax laws. Their guidance can save significant money compared to someone without expertise navigating complex Israeli tax rules.
  3. By leveraging an Israeli probate lawyer’s knowledge, common errors like missing deadlines, incorrect filings, and poor asset valuation can be minimized or avoided completely. An Israeli probate lawyer knows how to correct any issues that do arise properly under Israeli probate laws.
  4. If disputes emerge over the inheritance or will, an Israeli probate lawyer can mediate and represent the executor. Their expertise in Israeli inheritance law helps fairly resolve family disputes and contestations that may occur.
  5. An Israeli probate lawyer will meticulously investigate all financial records to locate any assets that may have been overlooked, especially foreign assets. Their comprehensive asset location skills protect the estate.
  6. Distributing assets from an estate can be very complex. An Israeli probate lawyer can advise the executor on the optimal allocation of assets to beneficiaries, in line with Israeli probate laws and the will’s instructions.
  7. Should any questions surface about the legitimacy or accuracy of the deceased’s Will, an Israeli probate lawyer can assist with legal procedures to qualify the will under Israeli law and defend it if required.
  8. Israeli courts oversee the probate process, so an Israeli probate lawyer’s familiarity with Israeli court procedure minimizes delays. They know how to correctly complete Israeli probate court petitions and filings.
  9. Once the estate administration is complete, an Israeli probate lawyer will petition the Israeli courts for the necessary closure orders. This officially closes Israeli Probate.
  10. Having an Israeli probate lawyer handle probate takes the burden off the grieving family. An Israeli probate lawyer’s focused expertise in Israeli inheritance laws and procedures can simplify this complex process for families during an already difficult time. Their guidance helps ensure inheritance instructions are carried out properly and that beneficiaries receive the maximum value from the estate. For those requiring probate in Israel, an experienced Israeli probate lawyer provides invaluable support and direction.

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    All correspondence protected by client-lawyer privilege and will remain confidential by law.

    Navigating the probate process in Israel to validate a will requires an Israeli probate lawyer’s expertise. As Article 66(a) of the Inheritance Law states, the Inheritance Registrar can declare heirs’ rights via a probate order for distribution per a will. Under Section 69(b) of the Inheritance Law, a probate order declares a will valid after voiding any invalid provisions.

    In other words, a probate order legally affirms a will’s legitimacy based on an Israeli probate lawyer’s petition. This judgment enables beneficiaries to exercise inheritance rights, like accessing bank accounts or transferring property ownership.

    However, opponents can dispute a will’s validity and file objections with the Inheritance Registrar. The case must then go to Family Court, initiating proceedings between opponents and beneficiaries. Here, having an skilled Israeli probate lawyer’s representation is critical.

    An Israeli probate lawyer can gather evidence and make the legal case in court defending a will or challenging it, if representing contesters. The court will decide if the will is fully or partially valid after hearing arguments from both sides’ Israeli probate lawyers.

    Once a final probate order is issued after appeals, the estate can be distributed according to the court-approved will. If voided completely, Israeli intestacy laws apply. Having an experienced Israeli probate lawyer to litigate and advocate throughout the probate court process is highly advisable for all parties in inheritance disputes. An Israeli probate lawyer has the probate legal expertise to give clients the best chance of their desired outcome.

    Please contact our London office for English consultation by an Israeli Probate Lawyer:

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