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Death Report and Registry

The Israeli death certificate is an official document issued by the State of Israel, confirming the death of an Israeli citizen. A Death Certificate must be presented with every Probate and Succession application, and if the deceased was an Israeli citizen, an Israeli death certificate must be included in the application.

When a person passes away in Israel:

If the death occurs in a hospital, a hospital physician will complete the death notification. The death notification will be delivered to the Admissions and Discharge Department of the hospital or directly to the family.

If the death occurs outside the hospital and a licensed physician from the Ministry of Health is present at the scene, the physician will declare the death and complete the death notification.

If there is no physician present at the time of death, you should call for an advanced life support ambulance from Magen David Adom (MDA) or another authorized ambulance service. In such a case, the paramedic will declare the death and complete the death notification.

Once a family member possesses the death notification, they can register the death with the Israeli Population Registry.

When the person passes away outside of Israel:

The death of an Israeli citizen must be reported to the Israeli Embassy. This can be done by presenting a local death certificate with an Apostille, which can be facilitated by a legal representative.

The certificate will contain the following personal Information:

  • Surname: The deceased person’s family name.
  • First Name: The deceased person’s given name.
  • Father’s First Name: The first name of the deceased person’s father.
  • Mother’s First Name: The first name of the deceased person’s mother.
  • Sex: The gender of the deceased.
  • Identity No.: The personal Israeli identification number of the deceased.
  • Nationality: The deceased person’s nationality.
  • Religion: The religion of the deceased.
  • Personal Status: Information about the deceased’s marital or personal status.
Please contact us if you need assistance in registering the death of a person.

+ 44 (0) 203 99 42278

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